“The Pillar Procedure has not only changed my life, but my girlfriend’s life also. She no longer has to sleep in another room.” – James R.

“Dr. Volpi improved my sleeping 100%. I no longer wake up all through the night because of my snoring, and I feel much more rested during the day. The Pillar Procedure has made a huge difference for me.” – Anthony K.

“I am sleeping so much better after having this done. The whole procedure was so simple and I didn’t have any pain. I wish I had gone to see Dr. Volpi years ago.” – George P.

“I didn’t even know that my snoring was so bad until my daughter stayed at my house and heard me. She looked online and found out about the Pillar Procedure. I had it done in Dr. Volpi’s office and was back to work in one day without any problems.” – Sharon T.

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